At Large - Steve fann

As a resident of Sumner County for more than 40 years, I have met and worked with many of you in one capacity or another. Some of my business experience includes retail/convenience store owner and operator; pallet manufacturing company owner; residential and commercial rental property owner. One of my more recent endeavors is in the hospitality industry. I have been involved in local youth and adult sports for 18 years.

Along with this personal involvement in our community has come an understanding of the concerns we have about Gallatin’s future. It is my goal to help shape our town in a way that allows everyone to experience a great quality of life. We must strive to balance the inevitable growth and at the same time, preserve our history, character and small city appeal.

We must continue our support for law enforcement and emergency personnel, as well as maintain affordable property taxes. Common sense and responsible government will be necessary in order to accomplish this.

Gallatin needs leaders with diversified experiences, both personally and professionally and I am prepared for the challenge.

(Credit - Gallatin News)

Steve Fann

“It won't be me accomplishing anything. It will be the mayor, the council and everyone involved.”
Steve Fann

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