Pool Construction

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there are an average of 283 drowning deaths and 2,700 emergency room visits related to swimming pools and spas involving children under the age of 5 each year. The Gallatin City Council adopted code changes that strengthen city requirements for enclosure of swimming pools and spas.
On October 2, 2018, the 2018 International Pool and Spa Code was adopted in the City of Gallatin. Any residential structure that is intended for swimming or recreational bathing and contains water over 36 inches deep must comply with all provisions of Tennessee's Katie Beth's Law (T.C.A. 68-14-8) regarding pool alarms in order to receive a Building Permit. The law is named after 17-month-old Katie Beth Maynard, the great-granddaughter of Tennessee State Senator Charlotte Burks who drowned in an above-ground pool in 2009.

Required for all Residential Pools