Right-Of-Way Excavation

ROW Excavation permits are required whenever an excavation or underground work is planned within the city's right-of-way. No person may excavate any right-of-way without first having obtained the appropriate Right-of-Way Permit from the Engineering Division. Applicant must submit completed permit application form, including a scaled drawing showing the location and area of the proposed project and the location of all known existing and proposed facilities. If detouring of traffic is required, a traffic management plan must be submitted. There is a $15 fee for the permit and the work will also require a surety to be submitted. The surety amount will be determined by the Engineering Division. The accepted methods of payment are personal check, cashiers check, or a Letter of Credit.

Permit Applications

The application fee for a right-of-way permit is $150. Most permits will require that a surety be posted. Surety will be calculated by Engineering Staff based on the work being done.
Permits can be applied and paid for online through our Citizen Self Serve Portal (CSS). Visit the Self Service Portal Instruction Page for answers to the most common questions. 

If the proposed work is located on a State Route, contact the local Tennessee Department of Transportation office for permitting. The local TDOT office for the Gallatin area can be reached at 615-451-5822.

All permit applications that contemplate excavations within the right-of-way in areas designated as containing public Utilities must contact the Gallatin Public Utilities office at 615-451-5922.

Upon Satisfying All Aspects of the Right-of-Way 

Excavation Permit and necessary restoration work, the contractor must notify the Engineering Division to complete a full inspection for acceptance of work and release of the bond. 


Permits can only be issued to a licensed contractor. Contractors must provide proof of licensure, Proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance and a Certificate of Liability Insurance before the permit can be issued.