State Route 109 Widening Project

The Tennessee Department of Transportation launched the first Smart Work Zone in middle Tennessee on the State Route 109 construction project in Wilson County.

The Smart Work Zone includes 11 message boards that provide travel times through the project. The times are calculated in real time through seven radar detection systems throughout the project.

The message boards are placed in Gallatin, on both ends of the project, as well as on US 70 and I-40, giving drivers multiple opportunities to take an alternate route when they see long travel times posted.

This 7-mile portion of State Route 109 serves approximately 25,000 vehicles a day through the narrow two-lane corridor, including a large number of tractor trailers. There are few alternate routes once drivers get in the construction zone, so warning motorists in time for them to avoid the area is the goal of this Smart Work Zone.

Additionally, there are three traffic cameras on the project, which can be viewed by local law enforcement and emergency responders.

For more information on the $51 million State Route 109 widening project from US 70 to the Cumberland River, visit the website at