Strategic Planning

On June 19, 2018, City Council passed a resolution to adopt the City's first strategic plan. A link to the draft plan can be found here: 

A strategic plan is a management tool that helps an organization align its leadership, resources, and operations in order to advance a set of goals, which are often aimed at achieving a long-term vision. For many municipal governments, a strategic plan serves to establish priorities for policy initiatives, budgeting and staffing decisions, and capital investments in order to create outcomes that are important to its customers - the community at large.

This strategic plan was drafted after several months of collaboration among members of the City Council, managers of the city’s departments and agencies, and local community leaders representing major employers and non-profit organizations. The process included a series of candid conversations focused on research and data that helped illuminate emerging issues and trends related to growth and development that affect local quality of life. The Strategic Plan created an opportunity to identify shared goals and challenges, but also highlighted the need for subsequent community engagement to allow more citizens to shape the future of the city.

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