Plan Gallatin

Where’s the Plan Gallatin Community meeting on growth?

I hope you were one of the 100+ folks who were able to join us for the online workshop last Thursday, June 4. If you weren’t, you are in luck!! We have posted a recording of the event along with some important next-step opportunities for you at See below for a quick summary and let us know if you have any questions at all!

1. Watch the June 4th Workshop Recording with information about Gallatin’s Future
Visit to replay the video.

2. Share your Immediate Feedback on the “Your Future at Stake” Presentation
After you finish watching the presentation (TIP: It starts at about the 24th minute of the video if you want to fast forward), please hop over to to share your immediate thoughts. While the survey is open to everyone, we are especially interested in knowing how your own perception of growth might have changed as a result of the information.

3. Sign up for a Small Group Discussion!
After you complete the survey, make your way to to sign up for a small group discussion. There, you’ll have the opportunity to pick a time to share your ideas and brainstorm the city’s future along with fellow residents.