Engineering & Stormwater Submittals


Customer Self Serve (CSS) Instructions for Engineering Submittals

All submittals (construction plans, stormwater calculations, traffic impact studies, stormwater maintenance agreements, traffic calming requests, and permits) should be submitted online at the following link:

Step 1. Create an account or sign in to your existing account.

CSS Step 1

Step 2. Once you are logged in, you will click the Apply menu and select either permits or plans:

CSS Step 2

Permits: You can click on ‘Engineering Dept. Permits’ to see all the permits for the Engineering Dept.

CSS Step 2 Permits

Plans: You can click on ‘Engineering Dept. Submittals’ to see all the plans for the Engineering Dept.

CSS Step 2 Plans

Step 3. Once you have selected the proper permit or plan, the system will walk you through the application process. Below is an example of a construction plan submittal.

  • 1st you will add the location- both parcel and address if available.

CSS Step 3.1

  • Next, you will confirm the plan or permit type. Please list the Project Name with any phasing associated in the Description box!!!

CSS Step 3.2

  • Next, you will add contacts associated with the project. Owner, Applicant and Engineer are all required for a construction plan submittal.

CSS Step 3.3

CSS Step 3.4

  • Next, you will fill in more info that will be different for each submittal type. For construction plans, we ask you to fill in the subdivision and site details and any comments you may have.

CSS Step 3.5

  • Next, you will attach all documents required for the submittal type. For a construction plan submittal this can include the construction plan and transmittal letter.

CSS Step 3.6

  • Last, you will review your submittal summary for accuracy and then hit submit.

CSS Step 3.7

CSS Step 3.8

  • Once submitted, a confirmation will appear.

CSS Step 3.9

                The following steps currently only apply to permit submittals:

Step 4. Once your application has been reviewed and an invoice is built, you will receive an email directing you to pay any fees. Currently the only submittals that require a fee are permits (Land Disturbance, Driveway, and Right-of-Way Excavation).

Step 5. Once the fee has been paid, the permit will be re-assigned to another staff member (Dewayne Rogers for Driveway & ROW Excavation permits and Christina Bannister for Land Disturbance). That staff member will give you any instructions needed and will issue your permit if all requirements have been met.

Step 6: After you permit has been issued, please remember to follow up and schedule any inspections that are required.