The Engineering Division is committed to providing professional civil engineering services and public transportation and drainage infrastructure management for the City of Gallatin. The Engineering Division’s responsibilities include:

  • Review

    : Sketch, Preliminary, and Final Plats; Master Development Plans, and other Planning & Zoning related submissions; and Construction documents for Subdivisions, Sites, and any other construction in the City of Gallatin’s Planning Region.
  • Inspection

    : Subdivision and Site construction, which includes surety calculation and reductions, street infrastructure, drainage facilities, and erosion prevention and sediment control measures; R.O.W. excavation; All inspections associated with the City’s MS4 Program; and Traffic Signal any other traffic control device installation.
  • Management

    : Bridge safety/repairs; City funded R.O.W construction; City’s MS4 Program; Neighborhood traffic calming programs; Pavement rehabilitation; State and Federally funded transportation and drainage projects; and Traffic signals, programming, timing, and maintenance.
  • Professional Guidance/Coordination

    : Public Works/Utilities construction; State and Federally funded transportation and drainage projects; traffic signals, programming, timing, and maintenance.
  • Administration/Enforcement

    : Subdivision Regulations; Stormwater Ordinance; Applicable Gallatin Municipal Codes; Any Engineering Division standards/policies.

All submittals (construction plans, stormwater calculations, traffic impact studies, stormwater maintenance agreements, traffic calming requests, and permits) should be submitted online at the following link:
For instructions on how to submit please see the Engineering & Stormwater Submittals page.

Engineering Benefits

Whether its capital improvement projects, stormwater coordination, or environmental assistance. Engineering benefits the residents, property owners, business concerns and visitors of the City of Gallatin.
Street Hump

Grants Make Walking the New Driving

Engineering plans are in place to make Gallatin a “walking-friendly city.”
Bird's eye view of Downtown Gallatin

$30 Million Improvement to Improve Travel

A new corridor will reduce the need for residents to travel through downtown.

Street Light on Green

Smart Traffic Lights

Amazing technology is coming that will save driving time and ease congestion.