Marquee Request

The marquee in front of City Hall is a great way to get your community message to the hundreds of residents who drive down Main Street each day. It is the Mayor's discretion what messages are approved, but generally a positive message that benefits the community is great for our marquee. The marquee generally is booked two to three weeks in advance, so read our tips and fill out the form below well before your announcement.


Our marquee has eight rows and 13 characters per row. The limited amount of space can be a challenge because you have to tell the who, what, where, when, and why of an announcement. Drivers must understand the message at a glance so choose your words carefully.

What Not to Do

Why this might not be the best message:
  • Too many words: Using a few words rather than filling every space may make it easier to see the message.
  • Choose a great title: The top line could have simply been "Meet your Neighbor" or "Clearview Meet and Greet." The catchier the better.
  • Abbreviations: ClearviewPrk may not translate into Clearview Park. There's no harm in having a single word on the next line.
  • Contact: A phone number may be important to include...but then how many times have you written down a phone number on a sign while you were driving?

Quick Links

Marquee request example with slots for letters