Commercial Preplans

In addition to receiving an annual Fire Safety Inspection, many businesses and commercial occupancies in Gallatin receive an annual Emergency Preplan Inspection, where crews from the local fire station visit the facility to conduct pre-emergency planning to ensure that their response is as efficient and effective as possible in the event of an emergency. This inspection is handled at a different time than your Fire Safety Inspection and the service is provided at no charge.

The idea of fire preplanning is for our firefighters to gain access inside commercial properties to familiarize firefighters with the layout of the building, location of Knox boxes, identification of special hazards inside the building, sprinkler systems, natural gas, and electrical panels for quick shut off in case of an emergency.

About the Inspection

This inspection is scheduled by local firemen who will be in uniform with photo identification. Please know that this will not be a fire inspection; however, if the firefighters notice a violation of city ordinance, they are authorized to write an order requesting immediate correction of the violation. All of the information collected will be used solely by the Gallatin Fire Department and will not be shared with anyone else.

Helpful Resources

If you have questions about the Emergency Preplan Inspection, please call the Gallatin Fire Department at 615-452-2771.