Dog Park

Some of our biggest park fans are domesticated quadrupeds. While dogs are welcome in all of Gallatin's parks, Triple Creek's dog park is the only place where dogs can go full throttle without a leash. Here, you'll find some standards of doggie etiquette so every size and breed can have a fun and safe time in our park.

Dog Park Rules

  • The park is open from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise noted. The City of Gallatin has the authority to close the site at any time, including but not limited to maintenance, inclement weather, turf conditions, and special permit.
  • Park users and dog owners/handlers assume all risks related to the use of the dog park.
  • Owners/handlers are responsible for the actions and conduct of their dogs. There is a limit of two dogs per person.
  • Children age 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult inside the fenced area. Children under age three are not allowed.
  • There are no food, treats, or drinks allowed inside the fenced area.
  • Dogs less than 25 pounds must use the small dog area. Dogs 25 pounds and heavier must use the large dog area.
  • Dogs must be older than 6 months. Female dogs in heat and dogs with fresh wounds are not allowed in the dog park.
  • All dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the dog park. Dog owners/handlers must have a leash in possession at all times.
  • Dogs must be under voice control and in sight of owners/handlers at all times. Any dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior must be leashed and removed immediately.
  • Owners/handlers must properly dispose of waste left by their dogs and fill in any holes dug by their dogs.
  • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated with current tags displayed on their collar. Spike, prong, and pinch collars are not allowed.

Helpful Resources from Cesar Millan


Triple Creek's dog park is fenced with a double-gate system for safety. Dogs of all sizes are welcome. Dog owners can test their arm strength and even use tennis ball launchers to get their dogs active and running in a safe and fun environment. Parks include:
  • Benches
  • Shade Areas
  • Hydration Stations for Dogs and their Humans
  • Plenty of Room to Run