The Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals operates on a six-week review cycle for PC/BZA submittals. Please check the meeting schedules for all deadlines.

The Gallatin Planning Department administers long range planning for the city and provides professional guidance for development projects within the city limits and current planning programs surrounding the city and provides zoning code enforcement.  The Planning Department coordinates the review of your project from concept to completion to ensure that all new and redevelopment projects comply with city and state regulations.  

This department also works with you on day to day projects such as opening a business, obtaining temporary use permits, installing a sign, constructing a fence, determining flood zone boundaries, administering floodplain regulations, and providing general zoning and development information.  


Pre-Application appointments are usually available on two scheduled Thursdays every month

The Planning Department schedules pre-application meetings for projects proposed within the City of Gallatin and the Planning Region. This provides the applicant/developer with valuable information about procedural and regulatory policies. We will schedule a project meeting with various departments including outside utility districts, where applicable, to address concerns. The major projects include annexations, rezonings, preliminary master development plans or any major developments for industrial, commercial or residential uses. A meeting with the applicant/developer provides an opportunity to share information about the project and lets the applicant/developer address the concerns of staff prior to submitting the project application.

The applicant/developer shall contact the Planning Department, 615-451-5796, to set up the project meeting. A project meeting appointment with the applicant/developer and departments is usually scheduled every other Thursday each month

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Whether you are considering developing a residential, commercial or industrial project, modifying an existing property, opening or relocating a business, or possibly making some home improvements, there are some things you need to know regarding the approval  process, and the design and permitting requirements.    


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Signs and storefronts on the Gallatin Square
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