Long range planning

Comprehensive planning (long range planning) is an important management tool for promoting a strong and healthy community.  Comprehensive Plans provide a vision, clearly stated and shared by all,  that describes the future of the community.  The plans also protect private property rights while encouraging and supporting a thriving local economy.  The plans are used to promote orderly and rational development so that the City remains physically attractive, economically 

successful, functionally efficient and sustainable by preserving important natural or historic resources, anticipating long-term infrastructure needs, providing for budgeting for capitol and operating purposes, and they identify level of service standards for facilities and services.   The Plans provide to assist in making decisions about where development will occur, what it will be like, when it will happen, and how the costs of development will be met.  The Comprehensive Plans also assists the City in investing it's money wisely in infrastructure such as roads, water, sewer, schools, parks, green space, and other facilities to maintain and improve the quality of life for the residents of Gallatin. 
Major Thoroughfare Plan 2
2020 Plan Pictures
2020 Character Area Map

Comprehensive Plans & Studies

Gallatin on the Move 2020 (PDF)
General Development and Transportation Plan (PDF) The purpose of the Gallatin on the Move 2020 Plan is to provide a clear vision of the kind of place that Gallatin's residents, businesses and institutions would like to be in the future and provide a course of action that strengthens the process of building, revitalizing and preserving the community. The main function of the plan is to guide the many decisions and actions that will shape the community. The plan updates the City of Gallatin General Development and Transportation Plan adopted in 1997.

1999 Urban Growth Boundary Plan - UGB (PDF)

The UGB can be defined as the municipality and contiguous territory where high-density residential, commercial, and industrial growth is expected to occur over the next 20 years, or where the municipality is better able than other municipalities to provide urban services.

A Gallatin Major Thoroughfare Plan - MTP (PDF)
Major Thoroughfare Plan plays a vital role in the transportation planning process based on historical and anticipated future growth. Ultimately, elected officials and planning staffs use the MTP as a tool to make informed decisions on infrastructure improvements. By coordinating planned development and transportation improvements, Gallatin officials can strategically implement transportation investments to accommodate existing and future development.

General Development and Transportation Plan Amendment (PDF)
Nashville Pike Corridor SR109 to East Camp Creek
In response to the increasing development pressures along Nashville Pike, and the rapid growth of this corridor, the City of Gallatin Municipal-Regional Planning Commission initiated a review of the General Development Plan for the Nashville Pike corridor from State Route 109 to East Camp Creek. The General Development Plan identifies this area as being suitable for mixed-use developments; however, the mixed-use policy excludes commercial uses. The mixed-use areas were designed to respond to the likely pressure for intensified zoning along the major transportation route, while at the same time, preserving the residential character and "gateway" effect along this corridor.