SingleTracks Reviews

Review by jamzman

This is by far one of the most fun trails that I've experienced in the Nashville area. There is a little bit of everything, nice winding turns, floating buttery smooth trails, well-placed Rock Gardens, Selma fast descents, some moderate climbs, nearby lake with Shoreline rides with some consequences 15-30 feet ledges, intermittent trick areas, jumps, more. The trails are obviously well ridden and well maintained with tender loving care. It could possibly be a little confusing for a first-timer but for the most part you are never going to get lost because there's plenty of signage and opportunities to end your ride on a paved road that leads back to the parking lot. I would recommend this Trail for all riding levels except extreme movie

Review by MTBCrash29

Great Trail! Fast, Fun and flowy. Smooth trail with minimal climbs and quick descents. Some great obstacles and some pretty cool jumps. Must stay off the trails after heavy rains due to the close proximity to the river. A sweet trail and enjoyable ride!

Review by rick417

This trail was a great challenge for my riding level, which I would say is just getting into intermediate. I took it slow since this was my first time here. There were places I felt comfortable letting the speed build. Good climbs and descents with switchbacks and roots and rocks. I had trouble keeping on trail around (never saw BLT# 5 and 6 and some others). Maybe the signs and/or markers are down. This area has some intersecting trails that leads to confusion. I missed some parts and only got 7.5 instead of the 9 advertised. Other than that, this is a must ride if you're in Nashville and need a trail fix!

Review by mattreimert

We rode these trails yesterday. The beginner (green trails) were great for riding with the kids. Some small drops, rocks, and roots. I rode the orange trail. It was well groomed and clear with obstacles appropriate for the intermediate rating. I did not get to ride any of the advanced skills sections and the west side of the trails were closed. The bottom line is these trails are a ton of fun and could be ridden over and over without getting bored. They appear to be really well taken care of and the maps and markers make navigation really easy. Well worth the short detour on our trip.

Review by Cotharyus

This is generally regarded as the most fun trail in Middle Tn. Point blank, there are a few steep climbs, but nothing of any real length, and very little real elevation. Despite that, it's well built, and uses long shallow downhill runs to make fast sections that flow well, and are very fun, and include some small drops. A few techish rock sections give the sense that it's not all buff single track, and there are a few large rocks that are even tough to clean down by the lake. On the whole, the great variety of trail here is a big strength, because beginners can ride much of the trail, intermediates feel right at home on it, and even advanced riders enjoy the speed you can get on these trails which are directional, so you don't have to watch so much for other traffic. The trails are well marked, the signs are easy to follow, and it's pretty much fun for the whole family.

Review by Guest

Awesome and fast. Experienced my first major wreck - wasn't quite ready for the big jump out of the gates. Seriously great trip; this is going to be a go-to for sure. Wet in low spots, but to be expected, as it's close to the lake. Really well-maintained.

Review by Greyhares8

I rented a Specialized Epic from Bikers Choice and rode Lock 4. It is a smooth rolling one way singletrack with some beautiful hillside views of Old Hickory Lake. The trail was hard, dry and fast. It was pretty well marked although there were some forks in the trail that were not. I had a map to help me out. Nothing very difficult, I would rate it intermediate, some decent up and down grades. I rode the loop twice and after an hour and a half of riding, the last couple of uphills were a good challenge. All in all, an exhilarating, smooth flowing scenic ride (a white tailed deer scampered of the trail right in front of me) that would please all but the hardcore, technical starved or downhill riders.

Review by Guest

Lock 4 is extremely cool. If you ride fast, it become a technically challenging. If you take it easy, the trail is pretty easy. It is a series of several smaller trails all linked together. If you're not careful you may double-back onto some trails you've already ridden. This trail is seriously worth the drive from Nashville (about 30 miles) if you're thinking about it.