Bill Too High?

Water leaks, dripping faucets or a constantly running toilet affect your water consumption and your water and sewer charges. Not all leaks can be seen or heard, and some may be in an outside pipe between the street and the building. Learn how to find and fix water leaks.

Customers are responsible for repairing leaks in pipes and fixtures on their property and for water and sewer charges resulting from leaks. In some instances, adjustments may be available for underground leaks between the street and the foundation of your house or building. Dripping faucets and running toilets are not considered underground leaks.

Summer Rates

During the summer, water rates are billed on a tier system, which means the more water you use, the higher the rate. Even if you are using the same amount of water all year long, the cost for using that water will be more expensive in the summer. If the weather has turned warm or even hot, you might be watering your garden or lawn more often.

Leak Adjustments

To qualify for a leak adjustment the water usage must be a minimum of 1,500 cubic feet and the water usage shall be a minimum of 100 percent above the average monthly usage. The average monthly usage shall be defined as the average normal consumption for the previous three months.

Gallatin Public Utilities shall collect the average water and sewer bill, 50% of the excess water charges, but will not collect the excess sewer charges. One leak adjustment per customer per year is permitted. A year shall be defined as a twelve month period. A leak adjustment can only be made on the billing for a one month period. In the event a leak covers multiple billing periods, the higher bill of the months can be adjusted.


Sewer charges are calculated based on the water used during a given billing period. The rate for sewer service is significantly more expensive than the cost for water. Any increase in your water usage significantly increases your sewer charges. The only way to lower your sewer charges is to reduce the amount of water being used.