Late Notice

On the next day after a due date, a penalty of 10% will be added to the account. On the second day after a due date, a Late Notice will be mailed to the customer advising them of the delinquency of their account and informing them that the utility service will be discontinued in ten days.

On the day prior to a scheduled cut-off, a cut-off list is requested on all past due accounts. This cut-off list will not include accounts with past due balances of less than the set reconnection fees. Customers may avoid the addition of reconnection fees, if the account is paid in full (account balance plus late fees) or approved payment arrangements made prior to the opening for business on the day of the cut-off (payments must be received in the Business Office before 7:30am on the day of the cut-off). The cut-off may be delayed during inclement weather. When the temperature is below 32F, the gas cut-off will be delayed until the weather moderates.