Reading Your Bill

Service Period

This is the range of dates between meter readings. Normally, we try to schedule reads every 30 or 31 days, but sometimes due to holidays, weekends, or inclement weather, the billing period could be as short as 25 days or as long as 35 days. A larger number of days on a read will also result in a higher bill, but the following month will be shorter, averaging out to a normal bill.

Account Number

This number is unique to your account. When calling for information on your account, have this number available to assist the Customer Service Representative.

Meter Number

This number is stamped on the face of your electric and water meter. If you live in multi-family housing, you can identify your meter by looking for this meter number.

Previous Reading, Present Reading

These two values are compared to calculate your net consumption for the billing period. Each month, our meter reader records the meter reading, just like you would record the odometer reading on your car before taking a trip. These dials are never reset.