Automatic Meter Reading

Each month our employees are out there reading meters in order to accurately bill for gas and water. No doubt your pet has seen us doing our job, and our employees have been greeted by all kinds of animals over the years while doing their job.

We are working on a new system that could change all of that, and eliminate the need for meter readers altogether.

The future of automatic meter reading is now!

The City is looking at systems that could replace all existing water meters with new meters and communications equipment that will allow each meter to be read remotely by Gallatin Public Utilities. In the past, most of these meters have been read manually one time per month.

Because the new system will allow us to easily read meters multiple times a month, this new system will allow us to identify possible leaks on the customer's side of the meter thus saving the customer money; while conserving water since the leak can be discovered much sooner than with traditional meter reading methods.

The Automatic Meter Reading System Consists of the Following Components

  1. A Meter Transmitter Unit (MXU) is installed on the water meter. The MXU contains a small, low-power radio transmitter that will send the meter reading to the Data Collection Unit.
  2. A Data Collection Unit (DCU) will collect the meter readings sent by the MXU

What Benefits Are There to Automatic Meter Reading (AMI)?

  • Provides early leak detection, saving our customers and the District thousands of dollars every year
  • Eliminates the need to estimate your bill due to inclement weather
  • Eliminates the need for a water meter reader to visit your premise
  • Improves the accuracy of every bill
  • Plus, your dogs will never have to bark at meter readers again!