Smart Phone Apps

One of the most difficult things about creating a neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood is creating an environment where neighbors can participate without taking too much of their personal time. That’s where new phone apps could be an important tool, especially among tech savvy smart-phone users...which is practically everyone these days.
While the Gallatin Police Department does not endorse any of these phone apps, they did seem interesting and worthy of trying out at no cost. If you find others that you want to share, please e-mail us here and we’ll include them on our list.
HOA Alert

HOA Alert - Free

By HOA Alert LLC

HOA Alert allows neighbors to quickly and easily send notifications out to their neighborhood for an array of emergencies. HOA Alert prompts the user to enter one of 6 options to describe their emergency which is then sent via push notification to all of your neighbors. Once an alert is pressed, a pin is dropped on your location which is then sent out to your neighbors so they know the exact location, an image if you so choose to take one and a quick description of what is going on.

Nextdoor - Free

By Nextdoor

For the past year, the San Diego Police Department has used the Nextdoor App to field local concerns and improve communication with residents. Stay in the know about break-ins, theft, weather alerts and other important notices.

VillageDefense - Free

By Village Defense

Instantly alert all your neighbors when a crime is happening. It's simple. For example, if you see your neighbor's home getting broken into, just type out what's happening and press send. Within seconds, all of your participating neighbors will get a text message or phone call notifying them of what's happening and what to look out for. This activates the full witness potential of your neighborhood. Live chat with neighbors in real-time to post follow-up information, ask questions, share photos, and more.

Onlert - Free

By Neighborhood Onlert

ONLERT is a private security network that allows residents to connect and protect their neighborhood. It is a product born out of the need to make the Neighborhood Watch concept stronger with instant communication among its members. It is not meant to replace calling 911. But it does add an extra level of security and assistance at times when it’s needed most.

CodeRED Mobile Alert - Free

By Emergency Communications Network, Inc.

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app enables subscribers to receive emergency notifications directly to their personal cell phone whether at home, on the road, or traveling around the country. Alerts are initiated by authorized public safety officials to deliver location-based notifications and are not issued by Emergency Communications Network or its staff.