Message From the Chief

Gallatin Police Chief Donald Bandy

Donald W. Bandy, Chief of Police

Welcome to our website. We hope you find its refined focus on crime prevention and community engagement useful. We intend to continue to try innovative new things combined with traditional community police work to give both residents and visitors a safe and positive experience within our city limits.

I was born and raised here, so even though it’s my job to lead our efforts, it’s personal for me when it comes to the lasting well-being of this city. There’s no question Gallatin has grown over the years. As a result the department has invested in technology and recruited a highly trained and dedicated team of employees to keep up with that trend. We challenge ourselves to perform our duties in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

As we move forward, we know that earning the respect of the public is something that we have to do every day and with every single interaction. Building positive relations with citizens, business owners and visitors is the key to our success. Our department participates in more than 300 community events each year, and that communication is more valuable than any publicity you could ever buy.

Having a safe city is not only good for residents, but also for the economic prosperity of Gallatin. Businesses looking for great places to locate are interested in good infrastructure, public and private partnerships, and inviting communities. Public safety is key indicator in each one of those concepts, and the Gallatin Police Department intends to keep delivering on our end of the bargain.

I really appreciate the support the department receives from the community, and I truly believe if we can expand on that partnership and trust, everyone will benefit. I appreciate this opportunity to serve the city, and I want everyone to know that the GPD will continue to do our best to serve the citizens of Gallatin and maintain the high quality of life our residents in Gallatin enjoy.