Do Not Solicit Registry

Solicitation Permit Process & Application

The Do Not Solicit Registry works similarly to a "Do Not Call" list and prohibits solicitation at addresses where residents and business persons have notified the City's Recorder's Department that soliciting is not permitted on their premises.

All solicitors are provided a list of the registry when they apply for a Solicitor's Permit from the City along with a copy of the Municipal Code on solicitors.

Register Your Address

You can now put your address on the Do Not Solicit Registry. If you sign up for this registry, all people going door to door are prohibited from knocking on your door. The Do Not Solicit Registry does not apply to any person going door to door that you personally invite onto your property.

Solicitor Reminders

You are prohibited from knocking on the doors of any address that is located on the City's Do Not Solicit Registry. A current list of the Registry is available when you apply for a permit to solicit in the city. Door-to-door selling is prohibited before 9 a.m. at all times. It is also prohibited after 6 p.m. during Central Standard Time and after 7 p.m. during Daylight Savings Time. 


If a person does knock on your door and your address is on the Do Not Solicit list, please call the Gallatin Police Department's Non-Emergency Hotline at 615-452-1313 to report the violation.

Register at Gallatin City Hall and receive a free NO SOLICITING sticker!

No soliciting sticker with Gallatin logo