Home Businesses

Before you start your project, you need to know what regulations apply to your property and what factors may impact your project.


Zoning establishes standards for things such as the size and location of structures and acceptable uses for your property. Most home occupations are allowed in all zone districts. Specific limitations and regulations vary by district, so to determine if the home occupation is allowed on your property. Find your zone district by viewing the Zoning Map (PDF) or visiting the Planning page to determine the zoning of your house.

Building Code

If you plan on remodeling a room or office in your home to accommodate your home business, you may need a Building Permit (PDF).

Child care

A Business License (PDF) is required for a child day care based in a private residence.

Food Preparation

A Business License (PDF) is required for the location of this type of home occupation. Additionally, building permits and fire approval are required for commercial grade kitchens. See the project guide for kitchen remodels for more information. As part of the licensing process, health inspections of your home facility will be required.