GALLATIN Zoning Ordinance

Table of Contents
 Listing of all Articles, Sections, Subsections and Tables

Adopted but not Codified


Article 1
General Provisions

01.02  Legislative Enactment

01.03 Intent and Purpose 

Article 2

Language and Definitions

02.01  Rules for Construction of Language

02.02  Definitions

Article 3

Use Classification

03.01  General Classification Rules

03.02  Listing of Activity Classifications

03.03  Accessory Uses

03.04  Classification of Combination of Principal Activities

03.05  Residential Activities; Class and Types

03.06  Community Facilities Activities; Class and Types

03.07  Commercial Activities; Class and Types

03.08  Manufacturing Activities; Class and Types

03.09  Agricultural Activities; Class and Types

03.10  Administrative Standards

Article 4

Legal Status and Provisions

04.01 Interpretation
 04.02  Relationship to Other Laws and Private Restrictions
 04.03  Ordinance Provisions Do Not Constitute Permit
 04.04  Provisions Are Cumulative 
 04.05  Severability
 04.06  Application of Regulations
 04.07  Scope of Regulations
 04.08  Exceptions, Variances and Conditional Uses
 04.09  Renewals
 04.10  Change of Use
 04.15  Effective Date

Article 5

Establishment of Districts and Provisions for Official Zoning Map

05.01 Regular Districts
 05.02  Provisions for Official Zoning Map
 05.03  Rules for Interpretation of District Boundaries
 05.04  Application of District Regulations

Article 6

Residential District Regulations

06.01 General Purpose of Residential Districts
 06.02  Purpose and Intent of A-Agricultural Residential Districts
 06.03  R40 Low Density Residential Districts
 06.04  R20 Low Density Residential Districts
 06.05  R15 Medium Density Residential Districts
 06.06  R10 Medium Density Residential Districts
 06.07  R8 Medium Density Residential District   
 06.08  R6 High Density Residential District
 06.09  Basic Provisions of the Planned Residential Development (PRD) District

Article 7

Provisions for Mixed-Use Districts

07.01  General Purpose of Mixed-Use (MU) Districts

07.02  Intent and Description of Multiple Residential and Office (MRO) District

07.03  Intent and Description of Mixed-Use (MU) District

07.04  Intent and Description of Existing Mixed-Use General (MUG) Districts Approved 

           Prior to July 7, 1998

07.05  Intent and Description of Existing Mixed-Use Limited (MUL) Districts Approved 

           Prior to July 7, 1998

07.06  Intent and Description of Medical-Professional Office (MPO) District

07.07  Purpose and Intent of the General Office (GO) District

07.08  Purpose and Intent of Office Residential (OR) District

07.09  Intent and Description of Specific Plan (SP) District

Article 8

Provisions for Commercial Districts

08.02  Intent and Purpose of the Commercial Services (CS) District
08.03  Intent and Purpose of the Commercial General (CG) District
08.04  Intent and Purpose of Planned General Commercial (PGC) District
08.05  Intent and Purpose of Planned Neighborhood Commercial (PNC) District
08.06  Unassigned
08.07  Unassigned
08.08  Intent and Description of Commercial Services - Limited (CSL) District Approved 
           Prior to July 7, 1998

Article 9

Provisions for Industrial Districts

09.01  General Purposes and Intent of Industrial Districts
09.02  Intent and Purpose of Industrial Restrictive (IR) District
09.03  Intent and Purpose of the Industrial General (IG) District
09.04  Purpose and Intent of the Planned Business Park (PBP) District

Article 10

Special District Regulations

10.01  General Purposes of Special Districts
10.02  Intent and Purpose of H-1 Historic District
10.03  Statutory Authorization, Findings of Fact, Purpose and Objectives Related to the 
           Municipal Floodplain Ordinance
10.04  Airport Overlay (AO) Zoning District Regulations

Article 11

Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

11.01  Off-Street Parking - Purpose
11.02  General Regulations; Off-Street Parking
11.03  Schedule of Off-Street Parking Requirements
11.04  Parking Facility Location
11.05  Adjustment for Mixed-Use Developments
11.06  Motorcycle Parking
11.07  Handicapped Parking
11.08  Bonus Provisions
11.09  Off-Parking Design Standards
11.10  Off-Street Loading Requirements

Article 12
Supplementary District Regulations

12.01  Regulations Applicable to All Districts
12.02  Reserved
12.03  Requirements for Moving Single Family Residence from One Foundation to 
12.04  Building Setback for Structures Located Along an Arterial or Collector Roadway 
           Designated Widening
12.05  Minimum Spacing of Buildings on a Single Zone Lot
12.06  Exception to Height Regulations
12.07  Structures to Have Access
12.08  Parking, Storage, or Use of Major Recreation Equipment
12.09  Special Provisions for Party Walls
12.10  Special Provisions for the Continuance and Extension of Public Streets and
           Utilities Through Development Sites Remaining in Single Ownership     
12.11 Standards for Telecommunication Towers and Antennas
12.12  Special Provisions Governing Manufactured Homes and Mobile Home Parks
12.13  Development on Steep Slopes
12.14  Home Occupations
12.15  Adult Entertainment

Article 13
Performance and Design Standards

13.01  Purpose and Intent (Performance and Design Standards)
13.02  Performance Standards Regulations
13.03  Design Standards Regulations
13.04  Transitional Bufferyards Design Standards
13.05  Intent of Parking Area Screening and Landscaping Design Standards
13.06  Intent of Traffic Control and Access Management Design Standards
13.07  Sign Regulations
13.08  Architectural Character and Compatibility Standards
13.09  Pedestrian and Bicycle Path Standards
13.10  Grading Standards 

Article 14
Provisions Governing Non-Conforming Uses and Non-Complying Buildings or Other Structures

14.01  Statement of Purpose
14.02  Non-Conforming Commercial, Industrial and Business Establishments/Uses
14.03  Non-Conforming Residential Uses 
14.04  Non-Conforming Multifamily Residential Establishments
14.05  Non-Conforming On-Premises Signs
14.06  Non-Conforming Billboards
14.07  Non-Conforming Uses, Buildings or Structures Located in Special Flood Hazard 

Article 15
Administration and Enforcement

15.01  Organization and Purpose
15.02  Appointment and Duties of the Zoning Administrator
15.03  Zoning/Development Permits and Use and Certificates of Completion
15.04  The Board of Zoning Appeals
15.05  Zoning Variances
15.06  Conditional Use Permits
15.07  Amendments