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City Hall

  1. Ask Angela - She knows who you need to talk with!

    Angela is here to help and is not a robot. If you haven't found the answer you are looking for and need help getting to the right... More…

  2. Do Not Solicit

    The City of Gallatin has established a “Do Not Solicit” option for property owners and residents who prefer NOT to have sales people... More…

  3. Group Reservation Form
  4. Request for Garbage Service Billing Change

    If you are interested in changing your existing trash service or cancelling your service please fill out this form.

  5. Volunteer Application
  1. Board of Interest Form

    Serving on a board is a great way to support your community and shape the development of our growing city.

  2. Garbage Collection Service Application

    (For residents inside Gallatin City limits only.) This application is solely for the purpose of establishing monthly garbage pickup... More…

  3. Parks & Recreation Reservations

    While most of our park pavilions are free to reserve, its important to reserve your space ahead of time. Give us your information and... More…

  4. Submit a Photo

    Thanks for submitting your photo to be put on our homepage banner. By submitting your photo, you are releasing the rights for us to use... More…

Fire Department

  1. Get Alarmed - Free Fire Alarms

    Fill out this online form. A representative of the Gallatin Fire Department will then contact you and schedule a time to install one or... More…


  1. Performance Surety Application

    Submittal Information Surety Review: $250 Surety Renewal Review: $200